• Display Timers as Banners

    Display timer in the form of banners add a sense of urgency to increase sales and take it to the exemplary level

  • More Effective Sales

    More effective sale/promotions: countdown timer supercharge your sales and make the checkout faster. Customers will know about the campaigns

  • Flash Upcoming Events

    Bring excitement for upcoming events like Flash sales, product launches, limited-time launches, Daily sales/shipping out times

About Perfect Countdown Sales Timer

Motivate shoppers and help them enjoy your theme with the best interface. Let them know about the best functionality which they will not get anywhere.

We as Alliance Ecommerce provide you a countdown timer which lets you to set count events via Event timer or Daily timer for promoting flash sales, product launches, upcoming sales or select recurring timer for counts down daily and is great for faster checkout. Users can set up countdowns in any text ad details. It has adjustable sizing and spacing. Custom fonts, colours, backgrounds, fully responsive on any device, and more on your fingertips.


Few Important Features:

  • We provide two different types of timers: Event Timer and Daily (Recurring) Timer. There is no time limit for any of it. You can choose dates or days as per your requirements.
  • Timer’s designs are completely customizable to match the look of your store. You have all the options to choose style elements. Like: background colour or image, font styles etc.
  • Schedule start and end dates and times as per your sales schedule. You don’t have to turn it ON/OFF manually.
  • Options available to choose custom text, fonts, colours, backgrounds etc for countdown, flash message and shop button separately.
  • Adjustable sizing and spacing.
  • Responsive designs for desktop, mobile, and tablet friendly so you don’t need to do extra efforts.

Targeting and Scheduling:

  • You have got options if you want to let your pages appeared in your store, only appear on home page, or only let them appear on specific pages in your store.
  • You have options to exclude pages either by not hiding any page, prevent timer from appearing on home page or prevent timer from appearing on specific pages.
  • User can target countries either by displaying to visitors in all countries or only display it to visitors in specific countries.
  • User can also target devices either by displaying to visitors on all devices, selecting only display to visitors on desktops or only display to visitors on mobile devices.
  • Expiry settings: You will have number of options for expiry settings like: Auto turn if off or turn it off after specific number of days.
  • You can display custom messages once timer is expired.
  • There is no limit on creating new timers. You can create and save as many as timers you want. But for now, you can enable only one at a time.

Pricing30-days free trial

  • Professional
  • 5.99/month
  • Create unlimited timers
  • Device targeting
  • Pages targeting
  • Pages exclusion
  • Create three types of timers (Event, Recurring & Loop)
  • Install from Shopify App Store